What does it mean – PU/S4H/S4O/CU/CUforCU?

When you buy a kit you often stumble over acronyms such as PU or CU – what does it mean? If you are a beginner or even advanced scrapper and not a designer yourself you might ask yourself what they mean. I describe here the general meaning but the problem in this industry is that some designers restrict the use of their designs further. Because of that we have created a forum where all designers list their Terms of Use. So if you are unsure have a look here.

Here the meaning of the acronyms:

Terms of Use (TOUS) – Each digital scrapbooking product you can download – wether free or payed – contains

Personal Use (PU) – A kit labeled with PU is for personal use only. This means you can use it for all kind of layouts, to upload in galleries on the Internet, and for other graphic projects but for your personal use only, not to create profit in any way.What does it mean - PU/S4H/S4O/CU/CUforCU?

Scrap for Hire (S4H) – A kit labeled with ‘Scrap for Hire’ is not just for personal use but also to scrap for someone else. For example: someone hires you to create a layout for her with the kit you have in your stock. You cannot make quickpages and sell them again and again – but you can create unique layouts for a customer. Often this means that you are also allowed to create notebooks, cards, and other items with the provided graphics. But for a specific meaning be sure to check the designer’s terms.

Scrap for Others (S4O) – ‘Scrap for Others’ is similar to ‘Scrap for Hire’ and means that you are allowed to give the layouts you created away to others.

Commercial Use (CU) – Products labeled as CU or ‘Commercial Use’ can be used for commercial projects. You can create with the items provided in the kit a new element or new papers and resell them. If a kit is appropriate for commercial use it can also be used for PU/ S4H or S4O.

Commercial Use for Commercial Use (CU4CU) – CU4CU products are seldom. Such kind of products allow the customer to create her own commercial use products from the provided elements or papers. With CU4CU items nearly everything is allowed except reselling them as they are.

By all means – if you have any doubts you can contact the designer directly or the store (info@digidesignresort.com). We are more than willing to help you to find out if your project works with the TOUS (Terms of Use).


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    1. Hello, PTU we use it for PAY TO USE
      And also FTU for FREE TO USE
      And thank you for all the definitions this help me to explain to my customers.

  1. I am still not sure about CU and CU4Cu ?
    I mean if a product is CU OK , can I use it as a part of my design I am planning to sell as printed or in digital form, not the actual CU OK product but , that product incorporated into my design?

    1. hi lisa,
      with a cu product you can create your own pu products and yes, you are right with your explanation there.
      a cu4cu product means that you can use them to create your own cu products with them and even give people the right to create then, themselves, pu products from those. so cu4cu are interesting for designers who create cu products for other designers.
      hope that helps

    2. I want to join . You are exactly the style I want however I thought you had gone dark, how do I join and get yoyr newsletter and your freebie natural breeze. .i am very confused if you like scrpbird went off the air adriana

  2. OK…do please help because every designer I have emailed has yet to reply. I create digital backdrops for other photographers use. Yes…I sell them but they do not. They only use them for their clients portraits. Would I need CU license for this or CU4CU? Please help!

    1. Hi Charmaine,
      A CU license would be fine because your clients would use them S4H πŸ™‚ Hope that helps!


  3. Hi,
    If a digital product says “S4O” is it okay to print something such as a kit’s papers and elements, and use them to create a “paper” layout, and then sell that layout on Ebay?

    1. hi carol,
      if you create a quickpage yourself and then print and sell itΒ΄s fine πŸ™‚ just do not sell the digital file.

  4. Hi Monja, here is what I found a while ago…

    Term Definitions:
    *PTU: Paid To Use
    *FTU: Free To Use
    *CU: Commercial Use
    *PU: Personal Use
    *PNG OR PSD Formats: Images with transparent backgrounds.
    Work with most digital graphic programs.

    I will try to find out what is allowed for PTU & FTU…

    Please let us know if you find out first ; ) thanks
    Sue (aka DownUnderScraps)

  5. Here’s one…

    All PTU Items: no credit or alterations are needed, you may use as is for your digital scrap kits.

    this may help with your searching Monja : )

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