When you are just starting out your digital scrapbooking career you for sure try to figure what all you need to learn digital scrapbooking. Is this hobby expensive? How many tools do you need to buy? First of all – digital scrapbooking is not expensive. As for every hobby you need to invest money but the outcome is so beautiful that you can create not just lasting moments for a photobook but also beautiful presents for your loved ones.

What you need for digital scrapbooking:

  • a computer
  • a graphic or scrapbooking program
  • a digital scrapbooking kit
  • digital photos
  • our tutorials 🙂
  • some fantasy

When you read this you most probably already have a computer. Each computer is fine. Just if it is really an old model you might have difficulties opening big files. But you should be fine if your computer is up to five years old. Your computer needs a good amount of RAM to handle the huge 12×12 inch files you use as papers.

Graphic or digital scrapbooking programs

Beside that you can use nearly any graphic program -Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, or Gimp.  Especially for Photoshop Elements we have tons of free tutorials here at Digidesignresort. But you can also invest into a special digital scrapbooking software – Scrapbook Max (for Windows Users) or iScrapbook (for Mac Users).

Whatever you choose – you can import into any program the elements (which are as PNG files in the kits) and the backgrounds or papers (which are JPG files). If I had to choose a program I’d most probably choose Photoshop Elements because especially the new versions have some nice effects, e.g. the out of the bound effect or calendar/card and photobook making included. If it would be just for those – it would be already worth to buy Photoshop Elements as a scrapper but really, whatever you already have or buy is fine.

Digital Scrapbooking

Also, things work similar in the different programs. For example, if you want to import photos you can usually go to “File”, “Open” and navigate to your image to open the files. Even if we show here tutorials with the one or other program you should be able to apply most of them for use in other programs.

Digital Scrapbooking Kits

I know there are tons of free digital scrapbooking kits online. But most free kits (I don’t say all because there are just wonderful kits sometimes if you are lucky you get absolutely free) but basically – you get what you are willing to pay for. This means: new designers often give out free digital scrapbooking kits to get known but they often don’t know much about quality, resolutions, etc. So you can download a free kit but you can’t be sure that e.g. the printing quality for your final product will be ok.

Digital Scrapbooking kits are not expensive – you get them for just some dollars and you can use them over and over again. So if you really plan to e.g. create a christmas card or a photobook to give away it is much better to invest into quality products – those will please you with printing results. Have a look here at our digital scrapbooking store and you can see how many products are quality checked – four eyes are better than two 😉

ONE great FREE quality product you find though at Digidesignresort – when you sign up for our newsletter you get a free Megakit, “Natural Breeze” and we give away a nice little freebie in each of our newsletters. So I highly recommend to sign up (just have a look at the sidebar on the right).

For an all you need start we created our Artist Studio DVDs – you find them here at our store. They do not just include MegaCollaboration Kits but also videos with step by step instructions.

Digital Photos

To create everlasting memories you need to import your photos into your computer. You can whether scan paper images to get them digitally into your computer or you can import them from your camera. As any camera is different I can’t give you a detailed instruction on it. Basically when you import your pictures with a scanner you click in your graphic program on File –> Import or you connect your camera with a cable to your computer. Then usually an automated process starts which asks you if you want to import your pictures.

Instructions on how to get started: our Tutorials

Personally, I enjoy learning with videos and I know most beginning scrappers need to “see” what to do as well – beside that you can stop and forward videos, so much easier to handle than written tutorials you cannot really follow step by step or maybe the instructor missed adding a step clear to her but not to a beginner.

As mentioned above here on the site are tons of great tutorials to help you to get started but if you want an all in one set check out our Artist Studio DVDs.


When I want to create a layout it helps me enormously to go to the gallery and check out the beautiful layouts there. Trying to scraplift a layout will help you to find your own inspirations with the kit you use.

Beside that we offer every month twelve different challenges you can participate in and grab a beautiful collaboration kit. Check out here (you need to register at the forum first).

You can find the PDF Document here. Just click on the link and download the Printable to your Computer.


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  1. Why do you have to make this so confusing? I haven’t found the daily advent gift YET! I’ve clicked on everything clickable and there is nothing there but the same tutorial over and over. I never can find what I’m looking for on this site!


  2. Hello there!

    I’m just a beginner and have so much to learn, thank you for my membership, I am certain that I’ll find a lot of guidence and inspiration here.

    I find all this terribly confusing as I am not that technically advanced, I cannot access the ‘natural breeze’ free kit?

    Thank you

  3. Thank you so much for the info. It is very informative. I will get my natural-breeze kit an I want to thank you for it. You are wonderful to give it to us. Thanks!

  4. Please help me I love you scrapbooking kits but for the life of me I cant make it happen.
    I am using gimp do I need a better program do you think.

    1. hi,

      yepp i’d recommend photoshop elements – see here: https://digidesignresort.com/2011/12/software-for-digital-scrapbooking/
      there are several programs easier to learn than gimp i guess. beside that I highly recommend our beginner DVD – you are supported step by step to make your first page with the help of videos. beside that, you also get great kits, in short – it´s all you need to start out:

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