If I was rich… (Santa’s Wishlist)

If I was rich...(Santa's Wishlist)

…If I was rich I had a long list for Santa this year! Yes, I’m a technology addict and I love to play around with the technical possibilities, I love the comfort they give me and the freedom. I remember times when it was impossible to go for a holiday with Internet. If you were lucky you had the chance to log in somewhere in an Internet Cafe. Today I can sit in our car and enjoy Internet from my mobile which makes a car trip less boring. And when I have enough of surfing the Internet I switch on my mobile to the audio book mode and relax in the car chair!

Don’t get me wrong. I can live without all this but I like to live with it. I love to be connected with my friends, take photos and videos, read ebooks and listen to music. So here my wish list – what’s yours? Post in the comments!

1. iPad 2

Yeah – expensive! It took me long until I figured why I want it – I must confess that one big reason is because I love lying on the sofa, having the TV running in the back and reading my ebooks… yes – that’s relaxing for me and much easier to do on an iPad than on the iPhone. Beside that it will save me tons of ink because I don’t need to print ebooks anymore. However, I know it is not really necessary, just a nice gadget 😉

2. iPhone 4s

(Did I say I’m a tech addict? LOL) I have the iPhone 4 so this is just luxury! I love my iPhone – as mentioned above I use it for reading, surfing the Internet, watching movies on YouTube and listing to music but also to connect with my University. Beside that it’s great to post pictures to Facebook and share my life with friends. So this is a gadget I can’t live without anymore – but I’m in love with Siri – really nice!

3. Canon G12

I have an “old” Canon 350D and it still takes fantastic pictures but when Carena was here in summer and we went on trips to take photos she had her G 10 with her and it took amazing photos. I usually carried my complete equipment with me – my camera and some lenses which I had to exchange all the time. But if you walk through the zoo for eight hours (YES, it was that long and it was FUN) it is pretty heavy to carry a big bag with lenses (thanks to my hubby here who usually don’t mind to help me!) so for all kind of snapshots and such this camera is fantastic.  So if you have a camera on your wish list have a look at that one. It is not that expensive and takes nice photos without much pain. See on Amazon the photos users added – they are amazing.

4. Canon Speedlite 580

(I said I wanted to be rich to buy all this, right ;-))  I wouldn’t buy a new SLR camera – I’d get myself a flash – I think this would help my photos enormously! My biggest problem when taking photos is that light is rare. The built-in flash is OK but not good enough so that’s what would be on my list 🙂

5. iTunes gift cards

One of my favorite birthday presents or presents if someone wants to do me a favor is an iTunes gift card. I love them because I think this is the perfect gift – you can choose from an enormous library of books, music, games, programs in the MacApp store as well as audiobooks. So whenever someone asks me what I wish for birthday or christmas I say – an iTunes card!

6. MORE ebooks from Digital Photography School

If you have read my reviews about the ebooks from Digital Photography School here and here you know why I love them – they are well researched, well written and contain fantastic tips. In case you watch out for something similar – here is the list of books they have so far:

Captivating Colors

Click! Take gorgeous photos of your kids (learn more about kids photography and capture them in the right moment!)

Going Pro (if you want to make money from your Photography)

Photo Nuts and Bolts (learn more about your camera and take better photos – this ebook teaches you the fundamentals about light, lenses, focus, ISO, aperture, shutter, etc.)

Photo Nuts and Shots (tools and techniques for creative photography)

The Art of Self-Portraiture (discover how to take amazing self portraits)

The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography (take stunning portraits)

Transcending Travel (if you plan to travel and take stunning pictures – this is your guide)

7. Photoshop CS 5.5

I love Photoshop and I will always love it so yes… each new version for me please!

Ok, that’s it! 😉 I know that Santa can’t bring it all – poor Santa, lots to carry just for me! But we are allowed to dream, aren’t we? We should just never forget that not any of the gadgets mentioned above is really important – I know my family loves me and if they ever read it they most probably will try to fulfill the one or other wish I have. But really important is that we will spend christmas together with lots of love and hopefully are able to give something back to the world with our donation project.

So what are your wishes? Let me know in the comments – you never know – if it is a kit, DVD, commercial kit or anything from our store – we might fulfill YOUR wish!

Mr. Random will choose 3 lucky winners on December, 1st 🙂

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  1. Here is my wish list. Thank you for the chance to win this list.
    CU – Template Bau (CU) by Pati Araujo
    Template Cupcake (CU) by Pati Araujo
    Starter Kit (PU) by Kleopatra

  2. There are so many wonderful kits. If I put all that I liked into the wish list, I think I would crash the site. At the moment, my favourites are ‘Fancy Blue’ by Cajoline-Scrap, and ‘My First Words’ by Studio 4 Designworks. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Top of my list is a laser printer.

    An SLR camera (would be my first)

    Some charms for my Pandora Breast Cancer Bracelet

    After loosing heaps of weight, I definietly have new clothes on my wish list

    And I would love ” Cottage Friendship Bundle” by Mistica and Carena, I adore the little house in this kit.

  4. 1. I would wish for your Designer DVD. What a great charity, and what a fantastic collection you are offering with that DVD.
    2. I would wish for a Wacom tabket
    3) I would wish for a pass that I could give to a friend to Photoshop World in Las Vegas next September.

  5. Wow – what a great wish list! :o) Mine isn’t nearly as impressive.

    I’ve been working on a family vacation album – my entire family went on vacation all together for the first time in May! We spent a week at the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC and I’m trying to make a memory book for my family, especially for my 2 and 4 yr old nephews! So my list includes:

    1. Shutterfly gift certificate to have the books printed once I finish them

    2. Sand In My Toes Part A + B Collab Kit by Digidesignresort to help design them

    My list also includes a few everyday items:

    1. Microwave
    2. New sheets and pillows
    3. Bath & Both Works “Sea Island Cotton” shower gel and lotion

    Merry Christmas and I hope Santa fulfills your lists! :o)

  6. Since February, I have been struggling with a chronic auto-immune disease (CIDP). As a result, I have been on disability & have had no extra money to spend on anything, let alone scrapbooking!! My wish would be to have just a little extra money to be able to spend on my passion, scrapbooking…it has been so long since I have been able to buy anything new!!

  7. My biggest wish is a car….any car, as long as it runs, lol.
    Now the more practical wishes…..
    I would love an iPad, and an iphone 4S, and a gift certificate to the Resort store.
    But most of all, I wish for everyone to have a safe and happy Holiday season!

  8. I would love to have the newest Photoshop, but it is a wish! From your store, I would LOVE to have Vintage Christmas Full Pack (PU/S4H) by ButterflyDsign! It is surely the most Beautiful kit for Christmas time! I love your store! happy Holidays!

  9. What an amazing wish list!
    Mine is
    food for my family
    A kindle
    way to many scrapkits from DDR to list lol
    and some new clothes for me ( I lost almost 50 pounds and now have no clothes that fit)

  10. Hmmm and if I was really rich then a personal chef, trainer and housekeeper!
    iTuunes, K-cups and anything for Scrapping. So many pretty kits I’ve been eyeballing lately!
    Wrapped Joy Kit by Kakleid
    Sweet Christmas by Helena Monteiro
    Friends of Santa Bundle by Mirelle Candelero – I think this is a perfect kit for my little Christmas Baby!

  11. Dear Santa,
    I have only one big wish and that is that my health may improve so much that I will be able to get out f bed and take a walk with my dog and while I’m out take amazing photos of every day things.

    I have a chronic Neuro-Autoimmune illness and have become bed and home bound. Where I once had a home graphic design business that I was very proud of I now lie often motionless in a dark rom and visualize my happier working days. In my mind I plot new scrapping lay-outs, my newly discovered hobby.

    On good days I can sit up for an hour or 2 and go over the tutorials and carefully try a lay-out. Unfortunately this disease is so cruel that the next day I’ll try to scrap I have to start the tutorial all over again because I forgot a lot of things. My short term memory fails me. I will need a lot of tutorials!

    It all went down hill rapidly when on one day I got up, turned on my mac and QuarkXpress and Photoshop and stared at the screen. I had no idea how they worked or what I was suppose to do and I had been using both programs for many years. I had to re-learn everything. I could no longer take on jobs but I could still make art and help non-profits with their design issues. Until 6 years ago when we moved from Europe to the USA in hope on better treatment for me and I over did the move. I could no longer walk and had to use a wheelchair but never let that stop me in anything that I wanted to do. Until I became so ill that I had to stay in bed most time of the day.

    It’s a painful exhausting illness It’s name literally means; inflammation of the spinal cord and brain. There is no cure and no medication to stop the progress and make you feel a bit better. I often write about it in my blog A Room With A View.
    Research is ongoing and they do find new things and medication to try every day. Some people return to their previous state and some can even go back to work. My biggest wish of all is that I too can find something that will work for me and improve my quality of life. I don’t have to get well, I can be perfectly happy using a wheelchair, it’s the being locked up inside these 4 walls that drives me insane.

    So please Santa, if you are reading this, send some magic potion my way so that I can take my pup out for a walk around the block and take in the fresh air and get to know my neighbors around me. Thank you for reading my story, I don’t want to be a party pooper but sometimes you just need to be heard.

  12. Dear God, (santa)

    My wish for 2012 is a fat bank account and a thin body.
    Please do not mix them up as you did last year.

    OK I would love to have the Designer DVD.
    A Flight to see my son and his family in Northern California, this will be Sonny’s first Christmas.
    Or A Flight back east to Maine to see my mum in the spring after she returns from Florida. (she is a snow bird)
    Each item gets more & more expensive. I’ll stop now. 🙂 maybe one more…
    A tall, dark and handsome man with bad eyesight for companionship! LOL

  13. Ladies!!! Mr. Random has chosen the lucky winners! Here you go:

    Cass won Cottage Friendship Bundle

    Janelle Will won Sand in my Toes

    Jodie won Sweet Christmas by Helena Monteiro

    Congratulations lucky winners! Please send an email to info@digidesignresort.com with your email address and the kit you won to claim your prize!

  14. I just wanted to tell all of you who work so hard and give so much to make people like me HAPPY…Bless you and Thank you all so much for your kindness. Your kindess does not go unnoticed. Love and warm hugs, Lisa

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