Create a basic digital scrapbooking layout from scratch using Photoshop Elements

In this tutorial I show you how to create a basic digital scrapbooking layout in Photoshop Elements. You learn to drag and drop elements and papers from your project bin into the layout, arranging elements, adjusting photos and adding drop shadows. Something to get you started.

Why do you want to create a digital scrapbooking layout?

  • digital scrapbooking is traditional scrapbooking without the mess
  • digital scrapbooking is much cheaper than traditional scrapbooking
  • you can be even more creative with scrapbooking digital scrapbooking layouts (e.g. blending techniques or creating reflections)
  • digital scrapbooking is much cheaper
  • you can use one element 100 times if you wish in your digital scrapbooking layouts
  • you can press the undo button if you did something wrong!

What do you need to create a digital scrapbooking layout?

  • a digital scrapbooking kit (you get a gourgous Megakit FREE with newsletter signup! Have a look at Natural Breeze here)
  • an image editing program – in our tutorials we use Photoshop Elements, you can get a free trial on the Adobe Website
  • photos you want to use in your digital scrapbooking layoutThat’s it!

Tutorial “Create a basic digital scrapbooking layout from scratch using Photoshop Elements” in simple Steps

Please watch the video first because this step-by-step pictures are just an aid to memory.

You can increase each image by clicking on it so you can easily see all settings used.


digital scrapbooking layout


digital scrapbooking layout


digital scrapbooking layout


digital scrapbooking layout


digital scrapbooking layout


digital scrapbooking layout


digital scrapbooking layout


digital scrapbooking layout


digital scrapbooking layout

You can find the PDF Document here. Just click on the link and download the Printable to your Computer.
digital scrapbooking classes

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  1. I couldn’t get the letters of the word art piece to change colors. When I clicked on the circle and selected Solid Color the transparent background behind the lettering turned a solid color, not the letters themselves. I went back over your tutorial again and again but I couldn’t understand how to do it any differently than how I was doing it already. Can you explain in writing how to do this? It looked so simple as you sped through the demonstration, but I just couldn’t make it turn out like yours. Thanks.

  2. hi eileen,

    i´m not 100% sure if i understand the problem well enough… but i think you haven´t selected the layer? hover over the thumbnail, press down the command key so the mouse turns into a hand and you can then select the whole wordart layer – then it should work that you fill the words with color. hope that helps.

  3. fabulous work–all of your designers are wonderful–enjoy your site immensly (not sure that’s spelled correctly) . . . anyway, thanks!!!

  4. Hi Eileen,
    I use PS, not PSE, but i think it works the same way
    Select your WA layer.
    You’ll need to hold down or if on a Mac and then right-click on the thumbnail of the WA (not just on the layer name) so that you get marching ants around the words making up the WA.
    On Ps, I go up to >Edit>Fill…to change the color/pattern/texture of the WA.
    Hope that helps, I used to be stumped by this step too.
    Hugs, Ava-J

  5. I hope this isn’t too dumb of a question, but I don’t know how to get all the elements and my pictures all lined up on the bottom. I have PSE 6. Thank you so much for all your work.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      no question is dumb – just those which are not asked.
      you need to open your files from the harddrive – click on file menu on top left, then open, then navigate to your files and open them one after the other 🙂

  6. Thank you Monja and thank you Ava. I followed your instructions exactly and it worked perfectly the first try. I was missing the thumbnail step. I was pressing the command key and clicking on the word art itself, not the thumbnail. No wonder it wouldn’t work! But now my layout has nice yellow lettering just like the tutorial and I even added a bevel to my drop shadow to make it pop out a bit more. Thank you again to you both for responding to my question. Monja, I’m having such fun with your tutorials. I really need to brush up on my PSE skills, so thank you for these lessons.

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